Monday, May 29, 2006

Cute Ones

Phhh…what astonishing creatures are the babies!!! This is my 7 months nephew . He is passing the process of distinguishing volumes. So whenever he comes to me (since my nose is the easiest to distinguish ) ,he hurt my nose badly. And I don't know from where this much power come to his hand.
He loves me .

If I don't hug him this scene will appear.

I don't know why most of the things about him are funny, even his cries .Also the way he sleeps ,(with open eyes).I can't help laughing while I am looking at him ,The Cutest in the world.

The amazing Creatures

Well , from this guy and his world a film will be made .You can not imagine what a good actor he is .This cute baby is my nephew .His name is Sina …

This is his special gesture when he sees camera in somebody's hand.

GOD knows how much energy I lose when he enters my room … within 3 seconds he makes a mess out of my room .He use my clothes to clean the room , draw on my books …….

Look , look ……how curious he is .Here he is killing poor ants.

He is afraid of nothing except balloons .So when ever he does something wrong we use those magic tools .My mother has put balloon on whatever he shouldn't touch.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No Frowning

... I am mostly frowning .You can hardly see me with smile on my lips .you can not imagine how hard is opening the knot on my forehead .That's why I am usually kidding and making the others laugh .(And even then I am frowning )

My friend are those ,who laugh more (keep it as a secret :But one of the friends walks on my nerve ,always laughing .)

I even hate looking through mirror watching that >:( face
Anyway it seems as if I am getting crazy let me cut it here if any cure is find let me know it

How I Made It

Some words are kept at the bottom of hearts,some in memory notebooks.Now they appear on blogs!!!

My friends have had blogs and I was the worm of their blogs .But I couldn't imagine myself sharing my writings with so many new friends .

My wrintings used to be a bridge between my professors and me .But Dr.Marandi broke the old rule .She let us share many things with new friends .She let us have other comments on our writings except hers .And she let us have agreat new experience!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Tears;Don't Fall

Let me be alone ,
lead me to my solitude

Let me start crying
Lead me to the weeping road

Let me know all the secrets
Lead me to the land of code

Let me think of other things
Lead me cross those episode

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Love ;is leaving all the things-
you like.

people want you to criticize them,

but you know ,they want you to praise them.

There is no stranger_
that is just a friend you haven't met.

the most disgusting


This is what once I was singing aloud in the bathroom .I smelt something strange .This was the smell I usually feel before seeing a cockroach!!! I looked for... non was found .No matter. I continued .I was still afraid so I came out .

I took my towel and started drying myself .It was turn for drying my back .Suddenly a sound ,a strange one


Yes the cockroach I had smelt had cruched on my back.

So ,I went back to the bath . I washed the place once ... twice ... three times... and still I could smell that.

Anyway ,now whenever I want to use my towel .First I look for that cute insect!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

choose a destination

Close your eyes…Now open them wide .Look at that little swallow .Yes that is me flying over.Asian countries . How much beauty .China ,Malaysia ,India … wait, wait… look over there did you notice that small country .Lebanon I mean …

…fantastic ,isn't it ?Really it should be called the Middle East's Bride .The blue sky and the warm waters of Mediterranean and its fresh air all amaze you. Not a big country located on the East coast of Mediterranean sea Lebanon is at the meeting point of tree continents :Africa ,Asia and Europe .A mixture of nature , archeology, architecture …

If it was a choice for me to travel to one of the Asian countries ,without a moment of hesitation I would choose Lebanon.

Imagine that swallow flying over Beirut ,Tripoli , Sidon , Zahle … .Let me tell you what I can see .Green is the most famous cedar forest located in Bsharred region ,North Lebanon ( cedars of the Lord ).Fabulous is Jeita Grotto in Mount Lebanon .Historical is Byblos …

What else do you need .Lebanon is God's treasure in Asia Trust me go there to feel what real beauty is. I did it once and I am still looking for an opportunity to take a visit to

Monday, April 24, 2006


… I used to be a chatterbox .Of the kind that everybody was afraid of telling a word to me ,then the conversation would continue until…

Once a friend of mine started talking about silence . I never forget how simply she changed me ."I'm not advising you ,just as a new experience once get up at 3:00 A.M ,go outside look at the sky and listen to the silence ,then when we next meet tell me how much you've gained ."

The midnight's silence taught me a lot . I saw the clouds moving around under the moonlight ,how the wind was asking the trees to dance and life was going on in a deep ,amazing silence!!!

Mmmm ,a sweet experience .Now I am keeping my mouth and listening to my silence .There is a lot .


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Iran's Nuclear Power

I don't know what is going on in the world !We have got that huge building in New-York (the so-called UN )to keep international peace .All counties have their representatives in the union ,but there is A COUNTRY which is disturbing the peace, and ahead of the country is one person .

Who says he has the Right to decide for all the countries …who??? But …it is not Iran's Right to use nuclear power . He wants to show his power by picking quarrels , breaking off diplomatic relations ... this is not the way .

We are not of those kind to misuse technology for killing people or starting fire .We have experienced war . We know what it does bring. So we never do so .

We say it is our Right , because we want to be independent . why that country owns atomic bombs but we don't have the right to use nuclear power peacefully .Isn't it selfishness .They want to improve by keeping the whole world back .

Come on . We do not stop since IRANIAN can reach nuclear power independently .We do it peacefully just for its technological benefits.